George Lapslie: “I can’t praise Charlton highly enough”

In Episode 5 of The Mental Well-Balling Podcast Kyle Andrews interviews George Lapslie.

"We speak about dealing with the extreme highs and lows that football offers, which are particularly hard to deal with as a young player, the challenge to overcome the hurt of criticism and instead utilising it as motivation, how studying a university degree has grounded him, how his strong emotional connection to both his partner and their newly born daughter has helped him to realise there’s so much more to George Lapslie the footballer, and of course coming to terms with moving away from his boyhood club."

"Throughout my career I've criticised myself too much"

"Pearcey said to me that I've got so much to be grateful and happy for and not to worry about what is going on in football"

"One of the hardest things with social media is to turn a blind eye to stick from fans"