Anthony Hayes: “We have to try to prepare them for life”

In the third of his series of podcasts on football and mental health Kyle Andrews talks to the very impressive CAFC under eighteens lead coach Anthony Hayes.

Hayes stresses how important it is for the professional development programme to aim to produce not just talented footballers but fully rounded individuals. He talks about the three principles of hard work, discipline and respect but recognises that "making mistakes is part of getting better"

It is very reassuring to know that our club's young players are developing in such a positive culture with committed and articulate coaches like Anthony Hayes and with structures and programmes in place to ensure such an environment continues throughout their scholarship and whoever is in post.

"We want to provide them with a quality and variety of experience"

My job is 25% on the pitch and 75% off the pitch"

"You need to invest time in individuals"

"We need to make sure that every second they are in the building we are doing something of value"

"I want every player to feel that they have a voice"

"I don't believe in the words exit strategy"