Proud Valiants events this week

The Proud Valiants have asked us to promote a series of events they are running this week in advance of the Football v Homophobia Month of Action launch next Saturday:

"As we end another month of Lock Down, Charlton Athletic and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust have been working with the Proud Valiants on a series of events leading up to this year's Football vs Homophobia month of action launch and our dedicated match on the 30th January v Portsmouth.

All events are free and can be reserved with the link below. The line up of the events are as follows":

Monday 25th

The Big Football Quiz - think you know about football ? - try this fully multiple choice football quiz and prove it to the  world !

Wednesday 27th

Is Football currently a safe & welcoming environmental for Transgender people? An open and frank discussion regarding Trans representation in sport and whether the community feels sports and football in general is a welcoming arena. Our panel participants come from a variety of backgrounds - including both trans people in football and allies - who are keen to share their stories and ideas as well as take questions from the audience.

Thursdays 28th

Football Supporters Groups Around The World - an international panel of football supporters groups speak about their experiences in setting up supporters groups and the relationship they have with their clubs. Contribution from groups in America, France, Germany and Australia.

Saturday 30th - 7pm

Post match reception and launch of the Football versus Homophobia Month of Action, people across the world of U.K. come together to join representatives of the Club, The Trust, Proud Valiants, and wider Charlton family to celebrate the advances we have made in the battle of fighting homophobia at Charlton and what else needs to be done.

Saturday 30th - 8:30pm

The Worst Football Songs … Ever !!! Dodgy Songs, Dodgy Vocals, Dodgy Outfits and the worse videos ever. Join our panel of experts as they review some of the biggest crimes to Video ever and ultimately YOU vote for that worse song. The Panel consists of 'Charlton Legend' and our Patron: Paul Mortimer, Lindsay Armaou - from the Iconic Girl Band - B*witched, Top London comedy performer Caryl Smallman & Vocal Coach and West End Musical Director: Tom Turner

All events are bookable in advance at