Jason Pearce: “People think footballers have an easy life”

In episode 6 of the Mental Well Balling Podcast Kyle Andrews talks to  Charlton captain Jason Pearce:

"He's as experienced as they come. 470 odd Football League appearances, more than 550 professional games, captain at four clubs, three promotions, four relegations, playing for clubs who have faced points deductions, and ownership crisis. But he is very keen to make the point that none of that, that being a footballer, defines him. There is something much more to Jason Pearce than being a footballer, there’s the real Jason Pearce, and that is something we talk in depth about.

And when we talk about his footballing career, namely his experience, we see that his experience is something he utilises to constantly be supportive of others. Particularly those young players coming into the game – if you listened to my chat with George Lapslie in last week’s episode, you’ll know there’s on example."

Jason also expresses strong opinions on people being allowed to abuse players on social media while hiding behind anonymity.