Support our Community Trust by sponsoring Heather

If you are confused about Race Europe, don't worry - lots of us are.

Basically, it is a competition between teams representing London football clubs to see which can be first to log 6720 miles through walking, running, cycling and other exercises during March. The 6720 miles is the total distance between all the EURO21 venues.

Each participant's miles contributes to his or her team's total but, more importantly,

Every £1 raised by someone representing Charlton goes to The Charlton Athletic Community Trust (C.A.C.T.)

CAST board member Heather Alderson is one of those taking part and, to prove it, here are her running shoes:


You can support C.A.C.T. by sponsoring Heather here:

It is as simple as that!


If you want to know more about Race Europe and C.A.C.T.: