Conor Washington: “I was applying to join the R.A.F.”

Conor Washington offers some fascinating insights into his unusual career path in this articulate and insightful interview with Kyle Andrews:

"I wasn't exposed to the Academy system"

"I had failed trials at Peterborough and Norwich but I don't remember being upset that I'd failed. I was just a scrawny little kid who liked chasing a ball."

"I turned down a couple of clubs who offered me half of what I was earning as a postman"

"When I was signed by Newport it hit me like a bus. Technically and fitness-wise I was way off it. It didn't click at all and I wasn't even in the squad"

"It's only in the last eighteen months that I've felt comfortable in my own skin as a footballer. I'm a totally different player to the apprehensive one at QPR"