European Super League: “Preposterous arrogance”

CAST stands alongside football supporters and fan organisations all over Europe in condemnation of the  proposals published yesterday for a European Super League. A league from which there would be no relegation for the founder members and which the clubs are proposing would be played in midweek while they also deign to compete in domestic leagues at the weekends.

So widespread has been the criticism of the twelve clubs involved that it isn't easy to know what to highlight.

Below is the statement from The Football Supporters Association which they released in advance of the meeting they held on Monday with Boris Johnson, Oliver Dowden and senior representatives from the FA and the Premier League.

Everton FC have issued this forthright statement which pulls no punches:

David Baddiel writes on how the ESL would destroy football as we know it:

"Sometimes football is dull. Some football matches are not mouth-watering fixtures. It’s what makes the glorious moments more glorious. The problem with every game being the biggest game ever – which seems to me the dream of the European Super League – is that it means no game is the biggest game ever."

His full article:

Meanwhile, us "legacy fans" get on with real football in Plymouth trying to gain promotion on the quaint old-fashioned basis of merit................