Fan-led review finally announced

The fan-led review of football promised in the Conservative Party manifesto for the 2019 general election is at last going to take place. Few details have so far emerged but it is good news that the review is to be chaired by former Sports Minister Tracy Crouch and that the Football Supporters Association (FSA) will be playing a central role.

Malcolm Clarke - chair of the FSA said:

“The FSA welcomes today’s announcement of the launch of the fan-led review and looks forward to playing a full and central role in that.

The anger from MPs on all sides of the Commons showed that a handful of billionaire owners have misjudged not only the mood of fans – but the mood of an entire nation.

For years football has appeased these greedy vultures by feeding them bits of meat but all it has done is heighten their appetite and make them stronger. Now is the time to stop that.”

The full FSA statement is here: