Peter Varney calls for independent regulation

Charlton's former Chief Executive pulls no punches in this article in the aftermath of the disgraceful European Super League proposals.

"I would like to see heavy financial penalties imposed on the 6 clubs and I would like to see the income from these fines directed to the community trusts up and down the country that have done such a fantastic job in running food banks for the most vulnerable in society as well as providing hot meals for those most in needed including children."

"The ESL proposal is a manifestation of the worst type of greed and with no thought for the wider well-being of the football pyramid.  Hopefully the actions of the 6 will provoke the Government into legislating to bring in safeguards to protect our national sport. This must include the appointment of an Independent Regulator with teeth."

"All 92 professional clubs are at the heart of their communities and are an integral part of the social fabric of this country. Fans deserve protection for their clubs and the new Regulator must provide that.  When you run a football club one of the things you come to understand quickly (if you didn’t already know it) is that ordinary working people build their weekend around watching their favourite team and talk about it endlessly in between. The Government owes them action and that has to be sooner rather than later."

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