Summer rebuild needed

Benji Nurick reviews last weekend's draw at Accrington and concludes that Charlton need a core rebuild during the summer.

"But the need to hang around rather than truly go for it, shows something we’ve already known for a while. This squad might be almost good enough. But that’s exactly why they’re likely to only almost make the play-offs. In too many key areas they are still missing centre-pieces to build around. This is a group full of squad players.

With an average age of 27.8, second oldest in League One, Charlton’s team is certainly not made up of promising youngsters. But despite their advanced age, this squad is also not full of experienced winners in their prime either. Rather, they are almost entirely made up of players who were deemed not good enough to be central figures at their previous clubs. Add five loanees on top of that and there is no real core to this team."

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