Wyn Grant’s “Political Football” is published

CAST member Wyn Grant is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. His latest book "Political Football" has just been published by and is available through the usual outlets.

As the fan-led review of football governance gets underway after the debacle of the European Super League launch the book is a timely enquiry into the current state of our beautiful game.

"Football has been largely exempt from the development of the regulatory state and has been left to govern itself. However, new media have raised the profile of the game and globalization has created new pressures as football clubs become pawns in the ambitions of states, consortia and wealthy individuals. Clubs offer an important sense of identity for fans, but the impersonality and distance of ownership can set up new tensions. In addition, corruption in the international governing body has been a significant problem and the sport's symbiotic relationship with gambling continues to be a concern."