CAST performance – Your verdict

We would like to thank the 941 CAST members who responded to the section in our May survey which asked: "Please rate your satisfaction with CAST over the past year on a scale 1-10 (1 = extremely dissatisfied; 10= extremely satisfied)"

The survey demonstrated a high level of satisfaction with 96% of respondents reporting satisfaction levels 7-10 including 38% reporting a score of 10 (extremely satisfied).

When asked to describe CAST in one word the most popular choices were Excellent, Informative, Dedicated, Essential, Good, Trustworthy, Committed and Representative.

When asked to give reasons for their score many respondents cited communication and representation:

"Because it is a true representation of the fan-base and provides a solid link between the fans and the club and is a respected voice in the football community outside of the club"

"I believe the Trust is run by responsible people with a genuine passion for the club. The on-line events have been a welcome addition."

"Regular communications with members, and felt as though the trust was ready to mobilise last summer in case of worst case scenario with off the field issues, and fans would be needed in a potential takeover/formation of a new club."

"A professional organisation that communicates very well with the fan base. Does not seem afraid to tackle difficult subjects!"

"I am a member of a number of Trusts; it's easily the best. Absolutely terrific communications."

"It’s output ( articles/news ) is measured, mature, loyal and in places pithy and witty . Partisan but not extremist"

We note that 2% (20 respondents) recorded a level of satisfaction 1-4 with 7 reporting a score of 1 (extremely dissatisfied). We would like to strongly encourage those members to contact us via to outline more specifically what we could do to improve their satisfaction.

Our on-line Q&A sessions have proved extremely popular. All four events - the AGM and Q&As with Thomas Sandgaard, Steve Avory and Nigel Adkins were rated by 99% as good or excellent


We also asked respondents whether "there is anything you feel CAST should be doing better or differently?" and we are grateful to the 105 who provided suggestions.

The most popular suggestions were:

  • Find ways to appeal to the wider fan base and in particular the younger age group and those from BAME backgrounds.
  • Work positively with the club but clarify the relationship with the new ownership and push for structured representation
  • Stage more on-line events with key CAFC personnel
  • Encourage CAFC to improve disabled facilities and catering
  • Increase CAST membership fee.

There were also a number of interesting ideas such as fan sponsorship; helping CAFC to increase its profile in schools; encouraging CAFC to take a robust environmental stand; try to promote the streaming of 3pm kick-offs to Scotland; promoting CAST through CAFC channels, and improving our own transparency.

We will be addressing these issues in forthcoming CAST board meetings and will report on progress.


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