Equality, diversity and inclusion in football – Conference June 25th

Lauren Kreamer (CAST) and Michael Seeraj (Head of EDI at CAFC and CACT) are both speakers at this University of Westminster conference on equality, diversity and inclusion in football on June 25th.

"The goal of this conference is to discuss EDI matters and try to shift the conversation towards solutions. It also seeks to highlight what is being done with EDI in different sectors such as academia and within football clubs themselves.

Amongst the clubs that will take part on the day are Brentford, Charlton Athletic and Queens Park Rangers.

You will also hear from former football player Vincent Pericard, who brings his experience as a member of the BAME community but also wish to discuss mental health and its importance, especially for young athletes.

We live in an age of such welcome initiatives as the 'Rainbow Laces' and 'BLM - taking the knee' campaigns but are these enough to address issues of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in football? Increasingly a familiar set of historical problems in the game are now being reshaped by social media and the digital age."

The full programme can be seen here.

Admission is free: