Fan-Led review: Women’s football has its say

It was the turn this week of the women's game to present their evidence to Tracey Crouch's fan-led review.

The Chair of Portsmouth FC Women perhaps put it most succinctly:

  1. Don’t allow the women’s game to make the same mistakes as the men’s game.
  2. Don’t allow huge financial gaps between leagues
  3. Do move money all the way down the pyramid.
  4. Do put measures in place to look after the players physically and mentally at all levels of the game.
  5. Do put in measures to improve facilities for all, staff, players and supporters at all levels of the game.
  6. Do try to get crowds back to where they were 100 years ago before women’s football was banned in this country.
  7. Do put in measures to run the game and the clubs sustainably.”
  • Eric Coleborn, chair, Portsmouth FC Women

A full report can be seen here: