Seb memorial unveiling – Saturday 25th September 2pm

We are pleased to announce that the Seb Lewis memorial mosaic will be unveiled at 2pm on Saturday 25th September (before the Portsmouth game)

Charlton supporters were shocked in March 2020 when the news emerged that legendary supporter Seb  had died in hospital from Covid-19.

He had attended 1076 consecutive Charlton games since 1998 and had become a fixture both at The Valley at away venues all over the country. He was always there with his flag greeting the team and fellow supporters and doing his best to look for the positives in every Charlton performance. Not every fan knew him but almost everyone knew of him and would exchange a broad smile with him after a win or a resigned shrug after a defeat.

Continuity has been in short supply in recent years at the club and there was something very reassuring about knowing that, whatever the weather or the fortunes of the team, Seb would be there. He was without any doubt a unifying figure.

And then, suddenly, we realised that he wouldn’t be there. For many of us, it was our first encounter with the cruel reality of the pandemic.

At 2pm on Saturday 25th there will be a short ceremony at which we will thank everyone who has been involved in bringing this project to fruition before Seb's father Lionel officially unveils the mosaic which will be situated on the wall (see below) on the left as you enter the car park area.

After the ceremony we hope that people will be able to enjoy the mosaic and relish the emotions that it evokes. The artist (Paul Siggins) and his team from The Mosaic Studio will be present to answer any questions and hear your feedback. If you can be there at 2pm on Saturday week we'd love to see you but don't worry if you can't. This piece of art will, we are sure, stand as a fitting memorial to Seb for many years to come.

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