Greenwich Foodbank says thank you

After the donations made before the games against Ipswich and Cambridge were delivered to the Foodbank on Sunday we received the following message from Jamie Ginns - CEO of Greenwich Foodbank:

"Thank you to all at CAFC and CAST for your generosity.  Your donation of 436kg of food would have cost us £736 to buy ourselves and is the equivalent to eleven of our "large family packs" which feed families with more than 2 children for 3 days each.  The food is already checked and stored here at our depot and will be in the hands of those most in need as quickly as possible.  So far this financial year Greenwich Foodbank has helped 6539 people. Thank you again from all at Greenwich Foodbank for helping to meet the needs of those in food crisis."

In addition to the food donated we collected £121 in cash and this was paid in to the Greenwich Foodbank account on Tuesday.

Anyone who would like to find out more about Greenwich Foodbank or to make a donation: