Tracey Crouch review: the knives are being sharpened

Tracey Crouch MP spoke to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee this week and expressed her expectation that the recommendations of her review into football governance should be included in The Queen's Speech in April next year. She said this against a background of increasingly hysterical push back from the vested interests of The Premier League.

“This is not an à la carte menu,” Crouch told MPs. “This is a holistic package that provides a long-term sustainable future and one that protects English football.”

“This is an opportunity to grasp reform and to put the whole pyramid on a footing that delivers long term sustainability.”

On the subject of football self-regulating she responded:

“That horse has already bolted. We’ve given football enough chances, they haven’t proven themselves"

The full Football Supporters Association report can be seen here:


Have you written to your MP yet in support of the review ?

Many CAST members have already done so and we are presently compiling replies for future publication. The more letters that MPs receive the better they will understand that this is an issue that matters and will attract votes.

There has already been push back from The Premier League. For example, Leeds United's Angus Kinnear has compared the recommendations to Maoist collectivisation.

The Charlton Dossier has undertaken a bit of research into Mr Kinnear:

It only takes ten minutes to contact your MP. Follow this link for a draft template that you might find useful: