Bassini claim – beyond laughable

You may be aware of a claim in The Jewish Telegraph about Lawrence Bassini threatening to wind up Charlton Athletic over an alleged unpaid debt.

The article claims that Bassini's company Bloom Properties Ltd has served a statutory demand on the club's holding company Charlton Athletic Football Company Ltd under the Insolvency Act giving it 21 days to satisfy the debt of more than £1.7million including interest.

CAST board member and insolvency expert Lauren Kreamer commented that:

"An unpaid statutory demand does not, without more, permit you to wind up a company. It is an abuse of process to present a winding up petition on the basis of a disputed debt. The court will not allow such petitions to proceed"

The Charlton Dossier commented:

"so he wants to ask a court to believe that the club should pay a huge fee for which there is no contract, no scope of work, no evidence of any work, nor even anything the club ever wanted from Bassini. It's beyond laughable"

The Jewish Telegraph reported that Mr Bassini's lawyer, Will Osmond, told them that his client's company was owed the funds by Charlton's former chairman Matthew Southall as an "introducer's fee" agreed with Bassini to help him purchase a majority stake in the football club and that Southall then entered into an agreement with Bloom Properties to transfer the debt to Charlton which took responsibility for its repayment, which "thus far it has not."

Thomas Sandgaard's response was:

"I'm still laughing.... Even our attorneys are and they are obviously dealing with the abuse of the legal system"


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