Fans Forum minutes and Sandgaard interview

Here are the minutes of the March Fans' Forum:

Plus a link to the interview of Thomas Sandgaard by Fan Advisor Lucy Bishop:

In addition: Fill The Valley

CAST board member Heather Alderson joined other supporters at a Fill The Valley strategy meeting last week along with Lucy Bishop, Raelynn Maloney, Tom Rubashow (CAFC Head of Communications) and David Johnson - (Club Consultant)

Much of the discussion centred around ideas to:
  • offer value to season tickets holders
  • ensure the right early bird renewal period,
  • ensure transparency about plans for free ticketing next season.
There was a great deal of enthusiasm in the group to unlock the power of the fan base to get Charlton's light out from under a bushel and encourage school children and young people in particular.
Next time, the group has asked to look at the marketing of Fill the Valley. Anyone who would like to take part and contribute ideas, should contact Lucy on