CAST survey: Confidence in Sandgaard declines

1100 supporters responded to our season ticket and attitudes survey which was conducted between April 19th and May 5th. All but four responses were received before the news of the sacking of Johnnie Jackson. The survey asked fans about:

  • their expectations for next season
  • their intention with regard to buying a season ticket
  • their thoughts on the current state of the club
  • the women's team
  • their views on the Fill The Valley and Her Game Too campaigns
  • the Fan-Led Review of football governance
  • what they thought of the performance of CAST.

We reported last week on expectations and season ticket intentions (

This week we look at opinions on the current state of the club;  Fill The Valley and Her Game Too; the women's team; The Fan-Led-Review of Football Governance.  We will report next week on what fans thought of the performance of CAST.

1. Current State of the Club

Twelve months ago there was a very confident atmosphere among Charlton fans but the experience of the 2021/22 season has seriously punctured this bouyancy.

For example, last year 95% trusted (47% strongly trusted) Thomas Sandgaard to invest wisely in the squad. Now that is 54% (8% strongly)

Similarly, last year 95% of respondents agreed (48% strongly agreed) that he had sensible ambitions for the club. Now, 68% agree, and only 10% strongly agree.

A year ago 93% agreed (35% strongly agreed) that the club listens to and respects the opinions of fans. This has fallen to 70% (9% strongly)

Furthermore, 89% believed (31% strongly) that the financial future is secure. Now 54% (8% strongly) believe this.

There has been a slight drop from 99% (83%) to 92% (52%)  in the numbers who agree they are proud to support Charlton.

The numbers who agree that the club is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion across all parts of the community has largely held up. It is 96% agreed (54% strongly) compared with 97% (67%) in 2021.

When respondents were asked to describe Charlton Athletic in one word the following were the commonest words:

  • Family      71
  • Frustrating  70
  • Underachieving   53
  • Community   41
  • Disappointing  27
  • Friendly   25
  • Underperforming   25

2. Fill The Valley

Many respondents felt that the initiative was well intentioned but poorly managed. 73% were positive about the opportunity for season ticket holders to have three free tickets for certain games. 89% are positive about Kids for a Quid and 87% for Football for a Fiver.

Issuing free tickets locally or elsewhere in London was unpopular. 36% thought that free tickets for locals was a poor idea. 60% said free tickets for elsewhere was a poor idea.

Generally it would seem that fans support initiatives whereby subsidised access is offered via existing fans or promoted more widely in occasional club initiatives.

Excellent Good Fair Poor
S/t holders can bring friends    30%    44%    18%    7%
Local free tickets     9%    20%    35%   36%
Free tickets across London     3%    11%    26%   60%
Football for a Fiver    47%   40%   10%     4%
Kids for a Quid    58%   31%     7%     4%


The following comments were typical:

"I agree with the sentiment but I felt giving free tickets out to so many games made me feel I was an idiot spending over £500 for a season ticket." 

"Poorly thought out stratagem & without taking advice freely available from former employees & fans previously involved in such projects. Failure to add anyone taking up free tickets to the club's database is a BIG error."

"When free tickets are given out there are numerous people who have no idea where to go (with stewards who also have no idea where they should go), people who have no idea how to behave and ruin the area where I sit with my group of life long supporters. It is very disruptive and not very pleasant."

3. Her Game Too

This is the national campaign to combat sexism in football. CAST member Tash Everitt is Charlton's HGT champion:

71% of respondents (83% of women) support the initiative.

24% of respondents (28% of women) actively support the campaign and 47% (55% of women) say they will follow its progress with interest. 23% (12% of women) are not interested and 6% (5% of women) don't see the point of it.

4. Women's team

Only 4% of respondents (6% of women) said that they closely follow the women's team and attend games. 22% (34% women) said they follow them and may attend a match in future. 50% (43% women) keep an eye out for their results but do not plan to attend a match. 24% (17% women) are not really interested - it is all about the men's team for them.

5. The Fan-Led Review

Although 38% of respondents reported not knowing much about Tracey Crouch's review there was support from 21% for all 47 recommendations being in The Queen's Speech so that the review is implemented soon. Less than 1% felt that the football authorities will sort things out and that legislation is not needed

There was a good deal of cynicism about whether the recommendations of the review will ever be translated into action. 41% said they would love to see things change but don't believe they will. The following comment was typical:

"Totally support and written to Tracey Crouch to support her report but too many vested interests will probably water the final report down making it an ineffective piece of legislation if it gets that far."

"I have no faith in the Culture Secretary to deliver anything useful and sensible."


Analysis of respondents is as follows:

  • 66% were CAST members
  • 27% were Valley Gold members
  • 74% have supported CAFC for over 3o years
  • 88% were male
  • 4% were under 24
  • 20% were 25-45
  • 43% were 45-64
  • 33% were 65+
  • 95% defined themselves as white
  • 85% live in London or the South-East
  • 13% live elsewhere in the UK
  • 2% live abroad


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