C.A.S.T. constitution changes but Women’s team name doesn’t

The change to the CAST constitution which was agreed at our 2021 AGM last November has now been agreed by The Financial Conduct Authority. The definition in the constitution of the word "club" is now "Charlton Athletic Football Company Ltd and Charlton Athletic Women's Football Club Ltd".

The revised constitution in full:



Meanwhile, the club's application to change the name of the Charlton Athletic Women's Football Club to Charlton Athletic Ladies Football Club has been refused by the F.A.

In a letter to Raelynn Maloney dated June 22nd Nick Frith (Women's Leagues Operations Senior Manager) says:

"Having considered the application and taken into account the representations from the Club as well as the other materials attached to your email of 30th April 2022. The FA Women's Football Board has not granted its permission. The Club is therefore not permitted to make the requested change to its playing name. Written reasons for the decision will be provided following the next meeting of the FA Women's Football Board which is expected to take place in September"

Here is a link to the statement on the matter made by CAST in December 2021