“I’ve just had a baby boy and Charlton won the cup”

After a life time of supporting Charlton CAST member and Valley Party candidate John Morris is no longer able to attend matches because of his disability. He always listens to the match commentary and he feels that his CAST membership plays a vital role in maintaining his connection to the club. He has penned the following poem to celebrate his life-long love of Charlton Athletic.   

                                                                                  C.A.F.C.--THE TRUST---AND ME

Something happened in 1947 my father thought he was in heaven,

By tea time Charlton won the F.A. Cup he was floating in the air.

We didn't have a T.V at the time so the radio was stuck to his ear,

By bedtime he was feeling faint, his duty feeling torn,

He wanted to hear the news again, but I was being born.

He went to the pub next day for a celebration drink,

All his mates were gathered there they heard the Charlton news.

Will he be able to tell them about me after all the booze.

Of course he did and shouted out after the crowd shut up,

“I have just had a baby boy*****and Charlton won the Cup.”

And so the legend followed me throughout my life it was there,

Season tickets for my sons and me until old age caught me up,

Now disabled it is still inside but the trust makes me feel I am there,

Only now I sink into my sofa instead of the plastic chairs.

Without the trust I would feel part of me has died,

My history of all the times when we had laughed and cried.

The time when we thought the club would lose our home,

The possibility of no football club cut me to the bone.

So we became political the valley party created & I was a member for my area my parents were elated.

I gave away Charlton balloons to kids in Woolwich market, many Dads said they were broken hearted.

But we hadn't given up and in the Town Hall we waited for the count to take place, the member wanting to close our ground had a worried look on his face.

His worried look turned to anger when he gave us a reversed victory finger ,

when the votes said he would have to leave and Charlton had years to linger.