Bend it like Beckham – “a fantastic event”

CAFC and CACT got together on September 15th to organise a showing of the film "Bend it like Beckham" followed by a panel discussion.

CAST member and CAFC Her Game Too Ambassador Tash Everitt said:

“A lot of girls in this country play at primary school and fall in love with football but then get to secondary school and there’s not that access there.

“With the open letter [to the government], the Lionesses were saying ‘don’t let this opportunity where millions have been exposed to it pass, give them the access to it at school’”

“Particularly with women’s football, it’s so important to be encouraging the next generation of fans to come along, not just to see the women’s team but the men’s team too

“You’re building the next generation of players and fans, we’ve got to take advantage of the interest in it after [the Lionesses’ success] this summer.”

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