Green Time, Meantime, Free Sanitary Products Time

There are plenty of things happening at the club  -  on and off the pitch - which are giving supporters cause for concern at the moment.  CAST's recent meeting with Thomas Sandgaard offered little in terms of real reassurance. Nevertheless a few developments have taken shape this season which are a product of progressive partnerships and co-operation. So let's give credit where credit is due.

To quote Roy Keane, there's more to football than a few drinks and probably prawn sandwiches. The overall match-day experience is important for many. So too is a sense of football clubs engaging in activities and initiatives that embrace equality, diversity and inclusivity alongside a sense of community.

Charlton, as a club, have long  been connected to and solidly rooted in the local community, in no small part thanks to the good work of the Charlton Athletic Community Trust. This past year, a number of initiatives have gathered momentum, often spearheaded by fan groups working together with CACT and encouraging the club to take action.

In the past week, two more initiatives have been added to the list. Both are the culmination of months of work in the background and have involved too many people to thank, so they should be congratulated one and all.

Perhaps the initiative that will capture most attention in the wider world of the game is the very positive news that free sanitary products are going to be provided at The Valley as part of an initiative brought together by the club’s Her Game Too working group.

In the same week the club revealed a multi-year partnership with Greenwich-based Meantime Brewery, bringing much needed joy to many fans' experience of drinking during the game - or rather before, at half-time if you brave the queues and after, given football restrictions.

And in the last couple of days it has been announced that the reduction in admission prices that was to run until the end of the year will now be extended to the end of the season. On top of that, the Alan Curbishley Stand will after all be open for the Brighton game on December 21st.

Don't underestimate how important supporter pressure and influence were in persuading the club to take these welcome steps.

Sometimes the 'customer' does know best - said in jest, of course!