Monday 27th March: CAFC stars in Red White & Black Day webinars

CACT are hosting two webinars next week to celebrate the life and legacy of Stephen Lawrence.

Sean Clare, Tracey Leaburn and Michael Hector will take part in a webinar chaired by Charlotte Richardson on Monday 27th March at 7pm. The theme will be "All together, All different, All Charlton"

On Tuesday 28th March Dr Leroi Henry (University of Greenwich) will host a webinar with Paul Elliot, Jess Neil (Stephen Lawrence Foundation) and Sunder Katwala, Director of British Future.

Dr Michael Seeraj, CACT and the club’s Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), said:

“Charlton Athletic has a long, proud history of promoting equality and tackling discrimination. Over a quarter of a century ago our pioneering fans, alongside the club, led the way in professional football, establishing a ground-breaking partnership with the local council, with a specific remit to tackle racism. Red, White and Black Day formed part of this and has now been a permanent fixture on the Charlton Athletic calendar for over 30 years. Both Charlton and CACT are now recognised as one of the leading club and trusts, in the field of EDI.

The webinars are free

Full details (including registration)