John Barnes joins the Upbeats walk

No, not that John Barnes.......

This one:

CAST board member (and 2 per cent rhythm guitarist) John Barnes is doing the Upbeats walk next Saturday and we urge all supporters to get behind his fundraising drive here:

Interviewed in his high altitude training camp in Hereford, elite all-round athlete Barnes (at least 66) revealed that he has still not fully recovered from his cycle ride to Amsterdam five years ago. He admitted that he is a bit worried about missing the kick off on Saturday but said that he is fully confident of reaching The Valley in time for the first game of next season.

Please ignore John's modest published fundraising target. Now that he has the full backing of CAST and its generous members we are hopeful that he will improve on it by at least tenfold.

And none of us will ever forget the pass he played to Danny Mills at Villa Park back in 1999. Surely that alone must be worth a few quid in sponsorship.............

There is still time to register to do the walk yourself: