Karen Carney’s review of the women’s game published

A landmark review of women’s football in England has called for wholesale change across the game; from enhancing minimum standards for professionals to “rapid growth” in the development of young talent.

The review, chaired by the former England international Karen Carney, argues that to finance necessary adaptations, new solutions must also be considered, including allowing women’s football to be broadcast at 3pm on a Saturday and raising prize money in the women’s FA Cup to match the men’s competition.

The potential impact of the review is unclear as, unlike the “fan-led review” into the men’s game there is no prospect of legislation to back it up. The Professional Footballers’ Association considers it a useful document and one that shows the need for union representation in the women’s game.

Overview of the review's recommendations:


Journalist Suzanne Wrack considers the review to be "sharp and thorough: we must ensure it is heeded"


Deborah Dilworth (Head of Women's football at The Football Supporters Association) said:

“We’d like to thank Karen Carney and her team for listening to the voices of supporters and including many of the points we made in the women’s game review."

The full FSA response:

FSA response to Karen Carney’s Women’s Game Review


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