CAST Ticketbank open for nominations

The CAST Ticketbank was created to make available match tickets for people who would like to come to The Valley and support Charlton but cannot afford to do so.

CAST members can nominate individuals or families by contacting We don't require any information beyond names, categories (eg adult, senior, under 11 etc) and desired seat positions,  There is no need to make any justification for your nomination - we trust CAST members to use this fund appropriately and with discretion. (If there appears to be another eligible source of tickets - eg The CACT Community 500 initiative or RB Greenwich) - we will explore that.

  • The most recent games have shown some signs that our team has what it takes to move up the table. Do you know anyone who would love to get behind the new management team for the games against Exeter (October 3rd) and Blackpool (October 7th) but who finds it beyond their means in these difficult times ?

The CAST ticketbank is funded from donations and CAST reserves.

The sooner you can put names forward to the sooner we can get the tickets distributed.


If you are not already among the 2,700 members of CAST, do join today - it only costs £5 annually and helps to strengthen the voice of the Addicks.