Get your MODMag at our stall before Wycombe game

The CAST stall will be in operation from 2pm before the Wycombe game on September 23rd. We will be in our usual place behind the Covered End.

If your membership subscription is due we will have sent you a reminder email. If you haven't yet got round to renewing why not come to the stall with a crisp blue fiver ?

If you haven't already bought it, you will be able to buy (£4) a copy of MODMag issue 11 which was published at the start of the season. There's an interview with actor and Addicks fan Karl Howman; Steve Charnock offers four pages of reasons to be hopeful; Sky's Ben Ransom makes his debut as columnist; Andy Reid writes a poignant tribute to Chris Bart-Williams; there are wonderful pictures of Steve Stacey scoring in his only game for us and the crowds on the streets of Woolwich after Wembley 1998. Our own Heather McKinlay remembers Darren Bent at Sunderland in 2005.

We also have a few copies of MODMag 10 - the special summer edition to celebrate 25 years since Wembley 1998 - which contains "the last ever interview" with Clive Mendonca on the subject of the game. We will accept a humble £1 for this issue or (special offer) £5 for the pair.