Parking update

RB Greenwich's consultation window on the proposal to extend parking restrictions on Charlton matchdays (including Sundays and Bank Holidays) to 9pm has now closed. We don't know the timescale for a decision to be reached and published.

CAST's response to the consultation included a selection of the comments made in our recent survey:

We are aware that many individual supporters have also submitted responses.

CAST has also written to Averil Lekau who is RBG Cabinet member for climate change, environment and transport. She  is the person we understand will make the final decision. The letter included the survey outcomes and comments and stressed the disproportionate effect the extension would have on people with protected characteristics - i.e. older supporters, people with disabilities, and women.

Because the survey clearly demonstrated this disproportionate effect we have submitted a freedom of information request to see the equality impact assessment which should have been prepared as part of the process. We have asked in particular whether the impact on Charlton supporters with protected characteristics was considered.

At the Fans Forum on November 30th we will be asking for an update from the club senior management team on (1) what they were able to achieve in their discussions with RB Greenwich and (2) what ideas they have for promoting new local parking opportunities.