Let us have your parking questions and answers

CAST is planning to meet with CAFC staff next week to look at imaginative solutions to the problems which the new parking restrictions will bring.

Please let us have your thoughts, comments, questions, answers and suggestions (to secretary@castrust.org) so that we can bring these to the meeting.

We hope that the situation will become clearer after January 15th and that we will be able to offer a "roadside view" of how it looks. We are keen to try to find solutions for fans who are considering not coming to the Derby game because they think the restrictions will cause too many obstacles.

It is our understanding that the match day restrictions (9am- 9pm) will NOT be in force for the game against Northampton on Tuesday 23rd January so fans can park in restricted areas from 6.30pm.

If you are not already among the almost 2,700 Charlton supporters who are members of CAST, do join here today - it only costs £5 annually..