Parking Update

With eight days to go before Charlton's first Saturday game under the new parking restrictions we offer here as much information as we can find.

Jon Blythe (Head of Valley Operations and Business Process) is the person leading on this for the club and we understand that he is pursuing a number of different initiatives to find reasonably priced extra parking spaces near The Valley as well as exploring feasible alternative method of travel. A clearer analysis of level of demand should become available after a few games.

In the meantime we would encourage anyone with bright ideas or solutions to let us know at

If  you are considering not coming to the Derby game because of the restrictions or you know someone who is considering not coming please let us know (  We are keen to try to help everyone find a solution. One way forward might be through the use of visitor vouchers which people living in the restricted zone can access. This would provide six hours parking anywhere in the zone for £2.40.

Here is the information we provided last week:

Some updates on this:

  • At the river end of Anchor & Hope Lane there is an area where parking is available for non-permit holders via Pay by Phone. It looks like there will be room for 40-50 vehicles. The price was £4.02 for 5 hours from 9am when we checked on Friday. Whether it will be the same on Saturday 3rd we don't know. The location code is 809264.

  • Eastmoor Street and Westmoor Street and the roads nearby are not in the controlled zone. There are a few no parking signs dotted around but there seems to be plenty of unrestricted space.
  • It looks as if the spaces on Thorntree Road opposite the deer park will remain free to park. These places will be very popular so early arrival is advised.
  • Highcombe, Tallis Grove, some of Bramshot Avenue and the top half of Victoria Way remain unrestricted. However, we imagine that actual spaces will be at a premium.

If you are not already among the 2,600 Charlton supporters who are members of CAST, do join here today - it only costs £5 annually.