Parking update – no problems for Tuesday

First the good news:

There has been no sign of the threatened MATCH DAY extensions which would have meant that resident-only parking applied until 9pm on match days. We don't know whether this is still on the cards but it certainly will not be in force for Tuesday's game against Northampton. Given that non-permit holders can park for two hours in the controlled zone this means that you can safely park as near to The Valley as you can from 4.30pm.

Looking ahead:

Marking out of bays and erecting of new signage has been happening this week. Many roads have already become permit holder only until 6.30pm but some others are still waiting to be processed. Our aim is to provide a definitive update nearer the Derby game (Feb 3rd) once all signage in in place.

The roads to the South of Charlton Park (eg Canberra, Sutlej, Marlborough, Hornfair etc) are NOT subject to the restrictions so will be available for all to park for the Derby game. Similarly, Heathwood Gardens and Kinveachy Gardens (at the top of Thorntree Road).  Early arrival is recommended as there will obviously be displacement from roads that have been included in the extended Charlton zone.

If you want a guaranteed parking place for the Derby game you might want to try to book someone's front garden or drive through

(Enter the date and times and SE7 to see what is available. Prices vary and it is likely that Derby fans will be looking to make bookings.)

We notice that the Thames Barrier Car Park (at the bottom of Westmoor Street) costs only £2.50 per day and is not too much of a hike to The Valley. It closes at 5.30pm so you should be OK unless time added on gets ridiculous.

There are two RB Greenwich car parks in Woolwich from where it is a short bus or train ride to Charlton.

In the longer term CAST has been in contact with Premier Parking Ltd to see if a deal can be reached to enable parking on the Stone Lake Retail Park (where Curry's & Halfords etc are). We hope to progress this in conjunction with CAFC but we are only at an early stage so far.

Please tell us about specific obstacles you face. For many fans the parking restrictions will be a not-insurmountable inconvenience but for many others it might mean they can no longer attend games. These are people who have loyally supported Charlton for over fifty years.  CAST is committed to help find individual solutions if necessary.

Also, let us know any bright ideas. Might it be feasible to organise minicab sharing ? If so, would collection after the game be reliable ?

Does anyone have a West Stand car park place and a spare seat in their vehicle ? This might enable someone who cannot walk much distance to keep coming to games.

If you are not already among the almost 2,700 Charlton supporters who are members of CAST, do join here today - it only costs £5 annually..