Back To The Valley Mural choice

We are very grateful to the 1,158 people who voted in our survey to establish how Charlton's return to The Valley in December 1992 might best be commemorated in a mural at the entrance to the stadium.

The purpose of the mural is to celebrate the immense achievement of the directors, staff and fans in securing the return  and to ensure that there is a permanent memorial so that future fans will understand and appreciate what can be achieved when everyone works together.

We offered three options and the voting was as follows:

HOME (featuring balloons):  481 votes (41.7%)

SAM BARTRAM:  355 votes  (30.82%)

GATES:  322 votes (27.4%)

Although the HOME image was the favourite of those who voted we recognise that there was also strong support for the other two images we presented. In addition there were a number of suggestions of alternative images. In order to include as many favourite iconic memories as possible we propose that the mural is accompanied by an explanatory side panel which will tell the outline background story and illustrate it with pictures of the derelict Valley; the clean-up day; the Sam Bartram Valley Party poster; Roger Alwen opening the gates, and Colin Walsh scoring the goal.

The next step is to work with graphic design experts to create a final design to present to supporters for fund raising. It is likely that the final design will incorporate some of the many helpful suggestions we received. For example: making the image more colourful; identifying the correct font; getting the right balance between picture and text.

Ultimately, the mural will only go ahead if enough supporters are prepared to support it financially. We hope that there will be sufficient consensus around the HOME image to go ahead, but only time will tell. We will set up fund raising once the final precise design is ready and the costs have been calculated.

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