CAST subsidises Exeter coaches

Charlton super fan Seb Lewis had attended 1076 consecutive Charlton games before his untimely death from Covid in March 2020.

To commemorate Seb CAST are continuing the tradition of subsidising coach fares to the away game nearest to the anniversary of his death.

The first 100 seats on the Exeter coach will be at half price (£15).

We hope this will help some fans get to the game who couldn't otherwise have afforded it and we look forward to a rousing rendition of 'sing a song for Sebbo' from the away end.


In addition the Charlton Athletic Disabled Supporters Association (CADSA) have announced that:

CADSA will fund the cost of an away ticket of a disabled supporter and their carer for up to 6 games per season – 3 in the first half of the season and 3 in the second half of the season.  Any disabled supporter wishing to take advantage of this arrangement will need to submit either the ticket stub or a copy to the Treasurer of CADSA.  For details as to how to claim a refund please email

If you are not already among the 2,600 Charlton supporters who are members of CAST, do join here today - it only costs £5 annually