Coffee n’ Charlton – the perfect blend

As the season comes towards a close one of the most interesting recent signings has been the coffee bike that is now based in the Fans Bar at The Valley on both men's and women's match days.

The addition of the Perkalicious coffee bike has changed the nature of drinking during the game on match days. Different blends of beans, more experimental and exciting offerings compared to the usual 'flat white', but also a knowledgeable barista to help you along the way-  And that's a great thing, as much as many fans enjoy alcohol, others in this day and age seek out alternatives, whether for health, cultural or other personal reasons. There are different ways of toasting success, whether with beer, coffee, Bovril, tea, juice or champagne.

As regards the offerings you'll find at this coffee bike, you'll get everything from organic teas to speciality hot chocolate and beyond to chai lattes, americanos, lattes, and cappuccini. There are even extras such as delicious homemade fresh cookies and muffins -  you can even find more info Here.

Alex Carter is the man in charge. He sees the venture as being at the heart of any fan's match day experience. He tells us that he has had "nothing but amazing feedback from customers" and this sort of provision is "exactly what they wanted."

Giving fans more of an alternative to the alcohol overly consumed at stadiums across the world, Perkalicious hope this becomes a more permanent feature to the club's match day offerings, off the pitch for 2024/25- and so do we!  Here's to next season, and hopefully plenty of things to raise an Espresso, Chai latte or Cortado to!