Football fans needed for major TV campaign

These football fans must be REALLY passionate about supporting one of the 72 English Football League (EFL) teams - Championship, League 1 & League 2 only (no Premier League).
Successful candidates will be paid anywhere between £500 - £6000 for their time and appearance in the campaign.

Passionate fans of all ages, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, looks and abilities should apply! There are A LOT of roles we need to fill for this campaign and we are specifically looking for the following:

- Family of 3+ generations who all support the same team
- Parents with 2+ kids
- Boys & girls 4-10yrs old with or w/out parents
- Couples (25-65yrs)
- 80+ year old fans
- Two best friends who passionately support rival teams
- Group of mates (20-55yrs, all genders)
- Group of burly men
- Superfans of ALL ages who love to sing with a crowd!