The Valley: Asset of Community Value status secured again

CAST has once again secured Asset of Community Value (ACV) status with RB Greenwich for The Valley.

ACV status lasts for five years. It allows community groups to register an interest in a local building or amenity. In the event of a planned sale the community group must be notified by the local authority and has the right to make a bid. Equally importantly, ACV status is taken into account by the local authority when considering planning applications.

The Valley was first awarded ACV status in 2013 after a CAST campaign which included a petition of 1905 Charlton fans. This was followed by a presentation on the Valley pitch and a function including then FA Chairman Greg Dyke. The status expired in November 2018 at which point CAST made a successful bid for renewal.

CAST submitted a further renewal application in January this year and we are delighted that ACV status has been granted by RB Greenwich for another five years. The success of the application derives not only from the community value of the stadium as the venue for Charlton Athletic men's and women's football matches but also from the highly renowned community work undertaken from the stadium by the Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

It is important to be clear about the level and limitations of protection that ACV status provides.

  • The owner must notify the RB Greenwich of their intention to dispose of the asset
  • Receipt of notification will trigger a six week moratorium period which allows any interested community group (eg CAST) to  request that they are treated as bidders. If none do so during this period the owner is free to sell the asset.
  • The owner cannot sell the asset while the moratorium is in place.
  • If a community group do register their intent to bid during this period then a six month moratorium comes into operation
  • After the expiry of the six month moratorium period the owner is free to sell to whomever they choose.

CAST chair Heather McKinlay said:

"We are delighted that RB Greenwich has again recognised the immense community value of The Valley. Although ACV status cannot ultimately prevent a sale, it does allow CAST time and space to mobilise the local community, attract media attention and lobby any interested parties for support"

Charlie Methven of Charlton's owners Global Football Partners said:

“CAST’s retention of The Valley’s ACV status, through the Royal Borough of Greenwich, is an important plank of the strategy to ensure that Charlton Athletic is never again forced to leave its historic home. As Charlton’s current custodians, we look forward to working with CAST, RBG, politicians and the soon-to-be-established Government Football Regulator to continue to strengthen the club’s position vis-à-vis the Valley.”

Matthew Pennycook - MP for Greenwich & Woolwich (and CAST member) said:

"I'm delighted that The Valley has been re-listed as an asset of community value. The club is an integral part of the local community, and the stadium deserves the additional protection that comes with ACV status. CAFC would be nothing without the supporters and local community it serves. I look forward to the Football Governance Bill becoming law so that clubs as vital community assets can continue to thrive with the voices of fans front and centre.”

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