Nathan Jones end-of season interview

On the day that Charlton announce that George Dobson, Michael Hector and Terell Thomas are leaving the club and that Tyreece Campbell is staying click below for Richard Cawley's end-of-season interview with Nathan Jones

“I always choose my clubs very carefully,” said Jones, who sat down with the South London Press at the Addicks’ training ground last Thursday. “I like building things and I want to be at places a long time…I’d like to be here for a long time."

“I’ve loved being back in work. I’ve loved the club and the rapport I’ve got with the fans – that is only starting, because they have only seen us win four times. Once that increases we can really start building a rapport and they will see a team they can be proud of and a manager who is exactly like them on every level.”

“This one is exciting and it’s going to be a long one and a tough one, because we have to find players that can go into our 11 – not squad players. Once we do that then everyone becomes better and standards in training go up.”

“The recruitment process is constant,” said Jones. “I was out of work and all I did was watch games and players – get my education up. I’m in a decent position now to recruit well because, one, of my experience but, two, the 11 months I had out."

The full interview: