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Giving Charlton fans a voice

Meet The Trust

CAS Trust is a group run by Charlton fans for Charlton fans

There are a number of ways people can get involved by volunteering and one of those,  is to stand for election to the Trust Board.

Fans do not have to be members of the Board to help out with a wide range of the Trust's activities which include running various projects and attending meetings, helping on our sta groups representing the Trust - see our 'Volunteer' page for more.

The Trust is affiliated to national body Supporters Direct and is set up as community mutual organisation registered with Companies House and the FCA. Because of this, it is obliged to have set out rules, hold an annual AGM, submit accounts, elect a Board and officers, and its member each own a single share and voting rights. 

If you are interested in standing for the Board please email, we very much welcome your interest.

Below are the current Board members and officers:


IMG_0648 Richard Wiseman copy

Richard Wiseman

Retired housing charity executive. Funeral celebrant. Board member since 2012. Re-elected 2015 and 2017. Chair since November 2016. Former VIP member and current Valley Gold member. Supporter since 1961. Best memory - Wembley 1998. Worst memory - 0-4 at Millwall and the forty minute wait to be let out. Favourite player - Clive Mendonca


Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke

Management Consultant and Mediator. Mediation trainer. Board member since 2014 and former Chair. Valley Party candidate (Tarn Ward). Chair of CAFC supporters club 1990-93. VIP Director 1993-95. Best memory (excluding Wembley 1998 and Chelsea 4-2) beating Forest 4-1 in FA Cup 1998. Worst memory: losing 0-1 to Forest at Selhurst Park November 1988. It just sticks in my mind that everything about it was spectacularly awful.


Heather McKinlay

Heather McKinlay

Business owner. Fellow of The Marketing Society. Conference Speaker. Charity Board Trustee. CAST Board member since 2015. Former VIP member and current Valley Gold member. Best memory: beating Preston 3-1 to gain promotion in 1975 plus playing at The Valley for the victorious Charlton Unathletic in a Charlton Life charity match. Worst memory: losing to Wycombe in 2006 League Cup quarter-final, having travelled down from Scotland for the game. Favourite player: Bob Curtis. Re-elected to the board at the 2016 AGM.


Alex Clarke

Alex Clarke

Insurance Underwriter. Board member since 2014. Re-elected 2016. Secretary since 2016. East stand season ticket holder for over twenty years. Best memories - Wembley 1998 and the 2012 League One Championship season. Worst memory - Flying to Blackburn for a 1-4 thrashing.



Nigel Kleinfeld FCA

Company Director. Elected to the Board at 2016 AGM. Supporter since 1958. Best memory - first match attended with my father in March 1963 (beat Plymouth 6-3). Worst memory - the looks on my childrens' faces as we drove home after relegation v Sheffield Wednesday in May 1999.


Andrew Buckland

Andrew Buckland

Reinsurance Manager. Commercial Director - Charlton Athletic Womens' team. Board member since 2016. Former VIP member and covered end season ticket holder for the last 25 years. Best memory - 5th December 1992. Worst memory - relegation from the Premier League.





John Barnes

John has spent most of his career working in the NHS as a construction project manager. Outside of work he enjoys football, live music and real ale, and is an enthusiastic song-writer and all-grain brewer.

Despite his father exposing him to the dubious delights of Upton Park, Stamford Bridge, White Hart Lane and Selhurst Park. Whilst still young and impressionable, John decided to become a regular visitor to the Valley from 1966 onwards. Along with his mates, the match-day ritual comprised of a 2d bus-ride to Charlton village, the purchase of a whole load of sweets, crisps and a large bottle of R Whites lemonade, followed by a ramble across the heights, before scaling a concrete wall and then landing, amid a surprised urinating throng, in the gent’s toilets, next to the Sam Bartram entrance.

One of the happiest days in John’s life was the 5th December 1992. Getting back to the Valley after seven years away really was right up there alongside the day his son Joshua, was born. Among his less happy memories include the disappointment of finishing third in the second division, behind promoted Crystal Palace, in 1969. Being relegated to the third division after a 5-0 defeat at Blackpool, in April 1972, and that piece of paper that was handed out at the turnstiles in September 1985.

John’s favourite players include Eddie Firmani, Charlie Wright, Alan Campbell, Derek Hales, Steve Brown, Mark Kinsella and Clive Mendonca. If he had to choose one from that short list it would have to be Mark Kinsella, a wonderful footballer and an inspirational leader.