Board Member Election 2020

Please find below details of all candidates standing for election/re-election to the CAS Trust Board for 2020.



(current board member)

Nominated by:  Richard Wiseman and Heather McKinlay

I wish to make my contribution towards meeting the stated aims of CAST, thereby helping CAFC to grow and flourish, especially now there is a swell of optimism under the new ownership.

Beyond this, I would like to help enable CAST to launch a range of social initiatives, specifically for the benefit of the CAFC fan community, but also to foster social connections with fan groups of other football clubs. Ideally, being able to acquire the use of a suitable space, particularly on matchdays, would go some way to help meet this aspiration.

I’m keen to play my part in supporting the CAST board in establishing and maintaining regular and meaningful dialogue with the football club executive, all in the best interests of the club and CAFC fans. Also, in working with other fan groups to protect against the many and manifest threats to our shared football heritage.



Nominated by:  Raj Gupta and Richard Batchelor

I was 6 when my dad took me to my first match at The Valley, a 2-1 win against Leicester. That day is etched in my memory and is when I fell in love with Charlton; the smell of hot dogs cooking outside the ground, the visit to the club shop with my dad buying me a mini kit to hang in the car window and being awe-struck walking into what seemed to me to be a cavernous stadium filled with thousands of singing, shouting and cheering supporters. I remember very clearly a man sitting next to me shouting “get your hand up line-o!” and (as I saw it) the linesman duly obliging. I didn’t understand much of what was going on but I knew I couldn’t wait to go back.

Then came season tickets, away matches and the highs and lows which come with being a Charlton supporter. With this came the realisation that going to Charlton is not just about the football, it’s also about spending time with friends and family who otherwise I possibly wouldn’t see so regularly.

Last season I took my 4 year old to his first match and we both now have season tickets for next season. In years to come I look forward to taking my youngest to his first match.

It’s heartbreaking to have witnessed so many years of poor ownership and mismanagement of our club, a club with so much potential and which gives so much to the community outside football. I want to help protect our club so future generations can enjoy the same experiences we all have had and that is why I wish to be elected onto the Board.

Why me? I am a Director of a national planning consultancy and my professional expertise (which includes advising other clubs on their assets) leaves me well-placed to assist and advise the Trust so we can protect our club for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.



(current co-opted board member)

Nominated by: Richard Wiseman and Heather McKinlay

I first reached out and volunteered my services to CAST in late April 2020, amidst a time of considerable crisis for the club. Fast forward a few weeks and I was a part of the board, during what became a rather insane few months. During that period I helped as best I could with the then primary focus of CAST which was in short, doing their part to ensure the club’s survival. I spoke with media on numerous occasions, and was interviewed on the FT Podcast, and YouTube EFL focused channel Empty Seats.

I also attended the protest at the club in late August, and shouted briefly into a megaphone.

My reason for initially reaching out was simple, this is my football club, it always has been since my Grandad used to take me as a kid through till now when I still go with my brother, and at times my (very enthusiastic) mum and my (not so enthusiastic) father.

During the exciting period we now find ourselves in with TS at the helm, it’s a time for rebuilding for the future. And so my reasons for nominating myself for election to the board are much the same as they were back in April, I’ve a lot of ideas I’d love to help put into action via CAST which I believe can, in a small way, contribute to getting Charlton back to its best, and indeed leading the way on a number of wider ‘non footballing’ matters like we used to.



Nominated by:  Luis Hulyer and Andy Loveridge

I have been a Charlton Athletic fan since 1987 when we were playing at Selhurst.

I moved to SE18 in the mid eighties and was looking for a club to follow, on my commute to work in Hemel Hempsted I would drive pass the derilect Valley every morning on the way to the Blackwall tunnell, I loved looking at that old famous stadium.

I love football and fell in love with a club that that only four thousand followers or so that made the trip over to Selhurst and eventually with the fans that went to Upton Park.

Since those years I have moved away from SE London, to Spain, and the to Amsterdam as I work in Advertising photographic production and have now rooted myself in Essex close to Frinton on Sea. I am a season ticket holder and try to see as many games as I can given the 150 mile round trip that it is.

I am a dedicated fan of the club and wish to apply to be on the board of CAST I feel that I have communiction skills backed up by graphics and photographic skills that I can bring to to mix.  Further than that I feel that see that CAST is a well respected fan group that can make a change to our club, and would like to be part of that movement.



(current board member)

Nominated by:  Richard Wiseman and Richard Sandler

I am a Chartered Accountant, Company Director and Charity Trustee. Currently CAST Treasurer.

I am a lifelong Charlton supporter maintaining a family tradition going back to the 1930s. The tradition continues with my children.

I became a board member in 2016. In some ways I can be seen as the “boring” backroom boy! Every organisation needs one.

I look after the trust finances and I prepare the annual accounts for approval by the Independent Examiner and Financial Conduct Authority. I ensure we adhere to all regulatory requirements.

However, I have also been at the forefront of liaison with external bodies.

I represent CAST on the Royal Borough of Greenwich “Charlton” Safety at Grounds (SAG) committee.

I represent CAST on the Metropolitan Police Football Independent Advisory Group (IAG) which exists to advise the police on supporter related issues. On behalf of CAST I have built up contacts with police officers and FSA Faircop helping CAST to be able to assist supporters if the need arises.

I was part of the CAST team that obtained the renewal of Asset of Community Value (ACV) status for The Valley in November 2018.

CAST have built up a relationship with the EFL hierarchy. I am one of the board members that has attended meetings and continues to lobby them for information, change and further dialogue.

I led on behalf of CAST in the legal, financial and general background research into the possibility of supporter ownership and innovative ways of achieving this. This enabled the launch of “Our Club”. The knowledge remains.

I am now very hopeful that the club is in safe hands going forward. I am also hopeful that the role of CAST will change from being in apparent opposition to the ownership to a participating partnership. I stand for re-election so I may continue my work and be part of forming a supporter participating partnership with the new owner.



Nominated by:  Billy Hodgson and Daneka Knott

Being a life long Charlton supporter, I have always wanted to be a part of that connection that the trust has with the supporters, I came close 6 years ago but personal circumstances meant that I could not dedicate the time to the cause that was needed.

Now that my circumstances are completely different, I want to be able help give back to the trust that has given us so much over the years, to help be a custodian and take the trust forward by any form of help that I can give will be a good start.

We have a very passionate fan base and given our history we always strive to be the best supporting fans, so being a part of that voice for the fans would be a good way for me to give something back.

After all, with the Charlton fans that have been a part of the trust over the years, made their mark through all their hard work and dedication to the cause, I would now like to help and put my mark on our great history.



(current co-opted board member)

Nominated by:  Richard Wiseman and Heather McKinlay

I have been a Charlton fan for as long as I can remember, and a season ticket holder from the age of five, when my dad decided that ballet wasn’t really for me, and that I’d much prefer football. For a much shorter time, I have also been a barrister, specialising in insolvency and commercial litigation. I grew up in Essex, and now live in South London.

In March 2020, when things were looking grim and the prospect of Charlton falling into insolvency loomed, I contacted CAST to see if I could help in any way, and was co-opted onto the board. Having felt hopeless and despondent about the future of our wonderful, special club, I was so encouraged by the enthusiasm and passion of our incredible fan base, so many of whom were devoting hours, days, weeks of their time to working to save our club.

When dealing with the sorts of issues Charlton fans have had to put up with over the past few years, it’s easy to forget what it’s really about. Having played a very small part in the shenanigans of the past six months, I have received so many lovely, humbling messages from people who are simply relieved and delighted that they will one day be able to take their children to watch Charlton play at the Valley.

But we deserve more than simply being grateful for our continued existence, and we now have an opportunity to effect positive change where it is needed. This is a real chance to make sure that the things that matter to Charlton fans are raised at the appropriate levels, and that our priorities are communicated to the new ownership.

I am passionate about working to ensure that everyone feels welcome at the Valley, and to build our fanbase for the future, including by working with schools to get kids enthused about supporting their local team. I also consider it vitally important that we get fans back in stadiums as soon as possible, and, if elected, would press for this to remain a priority for CAST. Charlton fans make our voices heard when we need to, and the strength of our fan base is such that I believe we have an important role to play in bringing pressure to bear on this issue. And, more fundamentally, there is work to be done in making sure that what has happened to Charlton over the past year is never allowed to happen again.

I would be very proud to continue to serve on the CAST board, working to ensure that supporters are properly represented and have our voices heard, and to protect our great club for now and for future generations.



Nominated by:  Keith Harmer and Bernard Orford

I’m committed to giving my time and my energy to support the aims of the Trust for the benefit of Charlton Athletic FC’s fan base, and the communities served by the club, in good times and in bad.

I’m a Master Brewer by trade, and my professional career has largely been spent running breweries. Alongside the technical brewing side of things, you need to be able to lead and to work in teams, and plan and implement process improvement and capital investment projects, but most of all you have to care about quality: the quality of the beer and what the drinker sees and tastes.

I’d like to apply those skills and that care for quality to everything that CAST is mandated to do; ultimately to represent the club’s supporters and to strengthen the bonds between the club and everyone it interacts with. I can also recommend some excellent beers!

My first match at The Valley was in 1968, the team of Tees and Treacy. I was seven years old. Later that year I got Ray Treacy’s autograph “To Blondie…” and I was hooked. My Mum and Dad were regular attendees, having been converted from Millwall when they moved from Peckham to New Eltham. I was a season-ticket holder for many years. Both my brothers are fans too, Stephen, from afar in Australia, and Bernie, from Altrincham (still a season-ticket holder and still attending the majority of our matches).

I was a participant in the VIP scheme to help us get back to The Valley and myself, Bernie, and Stephen were all present for the first game back. In 1998 I flew in from my brewing job in The Bahamas with a case of Kalik beer and was one of a group of expats drinking in The Royal Oak who were invited to meet the players just down the road from Wembley after the play-off final. Shaking Clive Mendonca’s hand has to be one of the highlights of my supporting life!

That’s all in the past though. To be honest, in the Duchatalet years, prior to Lee Bowyer’s appointment I was starting to feel disillusioned and was not a season-ticket holder again until the start of 2018/9. The performances helped of course, but what I found best of all was the pleasure in the friendship and fellowship of the group of fans who I regularly attend with, the pints of Pride in The Pilot, and feeling the magic of being really connected with MY club once again.

Regardless of what happens on the ownership front, I’d like to help the next generation of fans feel that same deep connection. It can be as painful as it is pleasurable, but there is nothing like it!

If elected I will do everything I can to help make the connections between the club, its fans and its communities strengthen and grow. Come On You Reds!


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