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Project Big Picture: My Coup-a-Choo

Thu Nov 5 2020

A little light reading for lockdown…

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What is happening at our club? – weekly update

Fri May 1 2020

salaries paid without cash injection this month

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How to pass the Owners’ and Directors’ Test

Tue Apr 7 2020

What are the disqualifying conditions?

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Football Finance: Serpent’s Kiss

Tue Sep 3 2019

“in The Championship, loss making is the norm”

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How can Derby afford Bielik and Rooney?

Thu Aug 8 2019

Because they’ve sold their stadium to themselves

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Petition about football governance – sign here

Thu Feb 22 2018

Blackpool Supporters Trust have launched a petition calling on the government to appoint an independent regulator charged with ensuring the highest possible standards of governance for all clubs. You can sign the petition here:

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