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Clive supports #ValleyACV and calls for more ‘Efford’ on legislation

Tue Jul 30 2013

Eltham MP Clive Efford, has now thrown his weight behind CAS Trust’s bid for ACV The Shadow Minister for Sport also called for further strengthening of legislation on relocation. I support any measures that will give protection to sports stadia.. Listing a stadium as an ACV will allow fans six months in which to find…

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New Football League TV Deal to help Achieve Sustainability for Members

Fri Jul 19 2013

Football League announces new TV and sponsorship deals, full analysis soon   The Football League today announced SKYBET as its new sponsors. There is also a new 5 year TV deal announced yesterday, and you may be relieved to hear an official pizza sponsorship has been arranged. Significantly the TV deal will offer 37 more games we think…

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Footy Biz: Academy – European vs English EPPP a comprehensive view

Thu Jul 11 2013

With the recent rise to prominence of some of Charlton’s Youth products, and the news that its academy just achieved Category 2 status; in the first of our Footy Biz: Academy articles, our man in the Black Forest highlights the success of academies in Europe particularly Germany, and takes a comprehensive look at the current changes and initiatives…

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And the Winner of Friday Night’s Rollover Lottery Draw is..

Sun Jun 23 2013

……You! Ok not really but let’s pretend for a moment you have scooped Friday nights big rollover prize and are an overnight multi millionaire Charlton fan with money to burn, who is crazy enough to want to invest it in a football club. You’ve managed to buy the club but still have vast pile of…

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The Footy Biz – Financial Fair Play and Academy Regular Feature

Fri Jun 21 2013

The Footy Biz (FB)! This will include regular posts from our bloggers, on many aspects of Football Finance including the somewhat confusion and rather challenging Financial Fair Play or FFP for short, but in a way hopefully that we can all understand not just economists and accountants. We’ll also include updates on the Charlton Academy and…

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