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CAS Trust Launch/Back to the Valley Event Gallery 5.12.12

Tue Jan 15 2013

don’t forget you can join the trust through our menus or by clicking Photography: Greg Warran,  

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CAS Trust completes first window signing

Mon Jan 14 2013

CAS Trust last week further demonstrated its commitment to CAFC grass roots and listening to fans, with visits to both Ashford and North West Kent supporters branches. Invited to speak and rubbing shoulders with two established first team players – Chris Solly and Scott Wagstaff at the more distant venue; new interim trust secretary Richard Wiseman, and old hand interim liaison…

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Trust Vacancies: please enquire today

Thu Jan 10 2013

We are trying to expand the team that work on various aspects of running the trust. Perhaps to bolster your cv, or because you want to help out and thought all the roles were filled. Well the news is the trust can use your skills from leafletting to high level design, attending meetings to liaising…

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Trust to visit Ashford for Solly/Waggy Event 10.01.13

Mon Jan 7 2013

CAS trust have been invited to attend Ashford Addicks event this Thursday the 10th of January. There will be membership forms available for those who want to sign up on the night.

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Hales leads for Addicks in NWK

Wed Jan 2 2013

See link for details

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Solly and Waggy start New Year with Ashford visit 10/01/13

Thu Dec 20 2012

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