Fans Forum Updates

New CAS Trust Bulletin #1: Club Finance, Target 2000, Fans Forum, and more

January 27, 2013

Click here   Note: correction, the bulletin refers to CASC’s with regard to supporters’ group, when in actually fact nowadays most are independent and the aforementioned has mainly ceased to function. Although CAS Trust is actively trying to help our grass roots, with more publicity and any other ways we can help, we are not trying to become the new…

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Club resume Fans Forum

January 25, 2013

In a welcome resumption of normal service after a senior management restructure CAFC recently announced the scheduling of the Fan’s Forum. CAS Trust were delighted to be invited to attend, and if any fans wish us to raise any issues at the meeting please email to [email protected] The Trust will also tomorrow (weather permitting) be resuming survey…

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