Jimmy Seed – war hero

November 15, 2018

A short film about Jimmy Seed in the First World War

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Video: Addicks fans air views on Club predicament as 400 #cafc attend Woolwich meeting

February 19, 2015

This week saw over 400 fans gather in Woolwich for a public meeting organised by the Charlton Supporters’ Trust (CAS Trust) The meeting included representatives from a wide range of groups including supporters groups from the Fans Forum, several internet fan forums, and fan publications, as well as a diverse range of fans in age…

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#BTTV21 – Remember, remember the 5th of December..

October 16, 2013

..At Selhurst and Upton we’d rot. We see no reason, for one more season away from our Valley not forgot. (Ed: Apologies for the poetry attempt..) Plans have been revealed this week for a big Back to the Valley 21 Event on the 1st December by CAFC supported by the Fans Forum and CAS Trust.…

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Charlton’s ‘CAMing’ Home – Addicks Museum website launch

October 11, 2013

Welcome news today that Charlton Athletic will finally have a Museum – CAM Fans will be able to view Silverware, Medals and various other memorabilia and historical effects, telling the story of our beloved club; once the project is complete – something which CAS Trust has asked fans views on, and fully supports. Similarly to…

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If you know your ‘istory: Charlton Athletic’s Badge – Part 3 – Making Comparisons

September 5, 2013

Making Comparisons   What did you do over the summer?  Maybe you watched some cricket, or did the garden or perhaps if time and money allowed you headed south in search of one or more of the fabled 4S’s.  Me?  I spent the summer looking at every football badge in the world, in order to…

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If you know your ‘istory: Charlton Athletic’s Badge (part 2 – Live by the Sword)

August 24, 2013

Jon Laysall continues in his quest to reveal the History of CAFC’s badge in this second and final installment – Live by the Sword We left Part 1 of this article in 1963, with Charlton getting a new nickname, The Valiants, courtesy of a fan competition.  And shortly after that a new badge, the sword, courtesy of…

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