Addicks Fans Endorse Supporters Trust

Tuesday night’s 6th meeting of CAS Trust, the most recent attempt to form a representative voice for Charlton fans, was a resounding success. The meeting welcomed a good number of newcomers, who listened to updates from the members of the group that met up in July of this year to talk about forming a Supporters Trust. Ben Shave of Supporters Direct who also attended the meeting commented “football fans can do great things when they work together. I would encourage all Charlton fans to get involved”

The meeting ended with a unanimous vote in favour forming a Supporters Trust that will allow fans to help preserve the club’s long term future.

Barnie Razzell, Interim Chair, said:

“We are making steady progress and this endorsement confirms that. Both fans and Supporters Direct have given their support. However we have a lot of work ahead, we need to get our message to more of our fans about why we need this Trust so we can build a truly representative body that can help safeguard our club in these uncertain times in football for years to come.

Around two years ago this club nearly went out of business and there was no Supporters Trust to step in and offer assistance, we as fans care too much about this club to sit back and let the past repeat itself sometime in the future. Some people think a Trust is only needed in a time of crisis, however there is a lot to be said for forming one during the good times. We will create a network of Charlton Fans that can react to a change in circumstances, but also assist the club with growing our fan base, revitalising our supporter groups, and other shared objectives beneficial to the club. Longer term we would also like to try to achieve a greater role for fan involvement in the running of the Club.

We believe having not so long ago being a model for fan participation, that it is once again time for Charlton fans to take an active role in the success of our club. So please join us by showing your support. It doesn’t take much to do that: just email to to become a Registered Supporter of CAS Trust. Membership will only cost £5 a year (free for under-16s) when it is available soon, at least up until the first AGM. We aim to launch formally on December 5th – marking 20 years back at the Valley”

Please see below for more details on how you can support the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust –CAS Trust
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