Fans say Powell not the (Fall) Guy this November 5th

In a explosive wave of support after this weekends 1-4 blasting by Middlesbrough. Fans on twitter and the Charlton Life web forum cited an injury crisis and squad weaknesses in support of the manager and former playing hero Chris Powell.

Fans said Powell should not be fired after a disappointing run, and Saturday's display - which largely consisted of Boro' launching rockets into the Addicks' goal, further decaying the embers that remain of Charlton's home form.

Meanwhile, a number of young fans have started organising themselves under the banner of Red Division. They aim to promote a better atmosphere at the Valley and away matches, by congregating together and singing old and new songs. For any special requests please see their twitter page.

Last but not least, CAS Trust did a successful leaflet drop this weekend just gone of 1500 flyers; to get the message out that the Trust needs fans to subscribe so it can give fans a Voice, in this new era of football at the Valley. Where no longer is there a fan on the Board, nor do Board members count themselves as fans. There will be 500 more at tomorrow night's game against the recently re branded Cardiff Red birds..Dragons, or something...whatever it is this week..

Registered Trust subscriber numbers are still climbing - 338 at last count, and 90 wanting to know more - from over 500 who have now completed the fan survey (which is now online).

We do however urge fans to sign up, and spread the word to others too, the Trust can only succeed with your support.

Math Morrison