Trust starts with Special K! #cafc #BTTV20 Celebration 5.12.12 @Bartram’s

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Registered Trust Supporters, Charlton Fans.. It's been a while coming but CAS Trust is just about to Launch.

[custom_frame_left]CAS Trust Launch Flyer[/custom_frame_left]20 years ago a community stood up for what they believed in - the Valley in Charlton was the rightful home of this football club, and the slow death at Selhurst would no longer be endured. They set the standard for football fans everywhere - a football club is about its generations of fans who year in year out return whatever the weather or division.

The return marked the rebirth of our club and re-established us in British football, culminating in a triumphant return to the top flight where we more than held our own for a prolonged period. This tiny flame in South East London refused to be extinguished.

We believe this occasion must be marked and to celebrate CAFC's return against adversity to the hallowed chalk pit in SE7 we have organised a 20 Years Back to The Valley evening with some very special guests from the whole era, lead by our very own club hero Mark Kinsella. We will announce other guests over the coming fortnight, but I firmly believe you won't be disappointed.

Above is the B-side to our flyer which will hit the streets, hopefully not literally, this weekend.

Please register your interest in attending to

It is on this very poignant moment of that my fellow steering group members and I decided to formally launch CAS Trust - Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust.

The building blocks are in place. It has been a monumental effort by all concerned - we all have full time jobs and home lives, but have managed to bring this to fruition. There is now interest from over a thousand fans across our channels and we haven't even launched yet.

[custom_frame_right][/custom_frame_right]We are determined to run the trust as professionally as possible within our limited resources, and I believe both our flyer campaign and soon to be published 1st edition of our Newsletter - out this weekend barring any problems, demonstrate that commitment.

Our new website will I hope also follow suit, and allow for paid membership soon around the actual incorporation date which should also be very soon now.

If you would like to help or simply register as a Trust Supporter, please email with your details.

Barnie Razzell - interim chair, CAS Trust