Joint Statement CAFC & CAS Trust

Plain Badges (2)Charlton are to have a closer working relationship with the newly established Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust (CAS Trust, the club announced on Friday.

Following discussions between the two groups, the Addicks have confirmed that the club intends to work collaboratively with the CAS Trust in a bid to promote fan engagement.

Barnie Razzell

Barnie Razzell

CAS Trust chairman Barnie Razzell said: “CAS Trust is an independent body, committed to preserving the football club for this and future generations.”Among the trust’s objectives are:*Giving the fans a voice and representing their interests in the running of the club*Actively supporting the club in achieving success on and off the pitch

*Assisting to preserve the long-term future of the club, and in particular its history, culture, values and identity in its community

Razzell added: “In line with these objectives, we are committed to a strong positive engagement with the club, including constructive criticism where necessary, and this initiative represents a big step in that direction for all concerned.

“I would like to commend the board, and the efforts of executive vice-chairman Martin Prothero and chief operating officer Steve Bradshaw and their team, as well as Richard Murray, for their support of this initiative.

“We hope that the added value we want to bring can encourage this relationship to flourish further, and we believe that when club and fans are working together effectively, the sky is the limit.”

It is hoped that the collaboration will involve a number of initiatives, including boosting attendances.

And fans will be able to collect a free edition of trust publication ‘TNT’ when they buy a Valley Review at the final home game of the season against Bristol City on Saturday, May 4th (12.45pm).

The club will also promote the trust’s next survey, when significant prizes will be available to those supporters who complete the survey.

“We would like to congratulate CAS Trust for putting in place the building blocks of a new form of fan engagement at Charlton,” concluded Bradshaw.

Steve Bradshaw

Steve Bradshaw

“Over a short period, they have built a growing network of more than 1,800 fans since launching in December and over 330 full members.“We feel that this is quite an achievement and that there is much to be gained from a partnership of this kind that will benefit the club and the trust, fulfilling the objectives of both organisations – which ultimately is to bring success on and off the pitch here at Charlton.” CAS Trust is registered and regulated by a strict code of conduct from national body Supporters’ Direct. For more information on the trust and how to join, visit